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A Wordle I wanted to save.


The Wordle I created on 1/8/2015

When I studied graphic design in the Masters in Publications Design program at the University of Baltimore, we examined the blending of words and images for art, communications, and marketing. The Wordle is the embodiment of this. It is a creative way to convey a message. I’ve used it here to promote many of my graphics, editing, and WordPress skills.

I made this Wordle from the Wordle website. They are easy and free to make, and I know of a local organization that uses the Wordle website to create these word images to put on its bulletin covers. Think of it as magnetic poetry that the script does for you, online, on your own computer. The Wordle is an applet in Javascript that the creator has put online for the public use so site visitors can create these word forms. I think they are really cool because they involve typography and create an interesting image out of words. The word you put in most often turns out the largest when it is done.

The link to each Wordle can be posted to the public gallery at the creation site, but then it is in the public domain. To save it, you have to save the link with the html code or print the file and save it as a .pdf, which can be converted to an image file, like a .jpg.

I think they are really neat. If you want to start making some of your own, go to this website and click on the “Create” link:

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